S&K Featured: History Meets Modern Tastes in St. Louis

St Louis Interior Designers S&K interiors were recently featured in an idea book article published by Houzz. The article talks about the rich interior design and architectural history of St. Louis and how some interior designers are embracing the past as they create beautiful and functional modern interior spaces.

The author describes this as follows as she writes; “St. Louis designers want you to know that while their city has a long, rich history, they are not stuck somewhere back in time. “St. Louis is a centuries-old, preindustrial city with impressive layers of architectural history,”…”but with age comes confidence and security about who you are, which enables St. Louisans to be adventurous in their design expression.”For those who have a flyover-state attitude toward St. Louis, the city’s architecture and attitudes will surprise you. Residents treat their history as a living, breathing thing, celebrating it while layering their own marks upon it. Here’s a look at the many layers of design in St. Louis.” – Article by Becky Harris: Houzz.com

View the slideshow below for more on this article featuring S&K Interiors or click the link to read the full article:


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